Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Tuesday

Isn't Tuesday Weld great? From her first flick Rock Rock Rock where she shares screen time with the Johnny Burnette Trio in their only film performance, to the retarded Sex Kittens Go To College where she proves to be much sexier than the va-va voom overstated Mamie Van Doren, to the utterly nutso Pretty Poison (clip seen above), she's livened up many movies and TV Shows (The Loves of Doby Gillis, 77 Sunset Strip, Naked City, et al). I'm convinced the only reason people bought that Mathew Sweet record Girlfriend was the cover shot (above). She was born Susan Weld in New York City in 1943, and whatever she's doing today I hope she's having a great time. Among her better film appearances are Play It As It Lays (with Anthony Perkins, who also co-stars in Pretty Poison), Thief (with James Caan), Who'll Stop The Rain, Looking For Mr. Goodbar, and Wild In The Country (with Elvis what's his face). Her entire filmography can be found here.


J.D. King said...

"Isn't Tuesday Weld great?"



She's also on an ep of Ozzie & Harriet that I've got on an el cheapo DVD.

"Pretty Poison" I haven't seen in a million years, but it's just so perfect, her and Tony...

(Hey, Hound, that Matt Sweet alb is great in its own right! Quine and Lloyd are on board dishing out heaps of savage guitar work to compliment Sweet's pure pop.)

Back to point: Tuesday, if you happen to be reading this, PLEASE get in touch with me!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

What a great way to start my day! Tuesday on a Wednesday a.m.! Thanks, buddy!

The Hound said...

I agree that Quine and Lloyd play well on that record but the songs struck me as kind of lame. Quine was mixed off the next LP (which didn't sell, altough I'm think it had more to do w/Sweet putting his own goofy face on the cover instead of Tuesday Weld). I'd be willing to give it another chance, in fact it's available as a free download @ What's On My Ipod (link to the right, I sure ain't gonna buy the thing....)so I'll give another listen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hound,
Just had to write and let you know that I think your blog is wonderful - entertaining and extremely informative. I found it through your partner EA's website. He's in a mixxxx club I'm in, and I was quite drunk one night and happened to click on your thing when I was trying to find who was playing at the Lakeside. You have become required reading. Thanks so much.

philo said...

Quine with Sweet on Letterman.
I actually like this song alot. I found the rest of the LP quite forgetable


J.D. King said...

All this yak about Quine and Sweet and blogging!

Hey fellas! What about... TUESDAY?!?

Is she perfection? Or is she perfection PLUS?!?

I saw some fairly recent pics of her and she still looked... GOOOOD!!!

The Hound said...

Hey fellas! What about... TUESDAY?!?

and record collectors wonder why they never meet women....go figger. In her last screen appearence Chelsea Walls (awful movie but I'll watch anything she's in) she did indeed look great at age 61.

Bob Pomeroy said...

That one scene from "Once Upon a Time in America" is pretty wild. Like when Carol calls NOodles a "filthy bastid!" you're left not knowing if that's a put-down, or praise.

The Hound said...

I forgot she's in that one, hard to believe that was 25 years ago. Almost any movie w/a charachter named Noodles is good (c.f. Pink Flamingos).

Anonymous said...

I had to watch "Who's Gonna Stop the Rain" Tuesday's turn with Nick Nolte, again! great stuff. she still had it.

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