Thursday, July 31, 2008

WFMU Salute the Hound 1983-1997

On Aug. 8 on Rex Doane's show (not sure of the time, check the schedule on www. WFMU.Org) Rex will be doing some sort of triubute to Jim "The  Hound" Marshall who ( who did the hangover slot (Sat. 3-6 PM) for years (tons of airchecks here: I'm going to pre-tape an interview w/Rex and I think he's going to run some old airchecks. It's been eleven years since my last show but it seems like more and more people ask me when I'm coming back. I've been thinking about doing a podcast (although there's  podcasts available at the aforementioned aircheck despository). I mean is there an audience for a Hound podcast? Does anyone listen to those things? I've downloaded my own shows but still haven't listened to them. I think the nature of the Ipod itself lends it to me usually set at shuffle. No everyone is their own WFMU. I'm no different, at last check I had about 14,000 tunes on mine. I doubt I have a long enough life span to listen to them all but the shuffle setting does lend itself to reminding you of great tunes I'd never might never have pulled of the shelves and onto the turntable. Two that really killed me this week that popped up at random are Al Ferrier's "I'm The Man" (Excello),  the flip side of "Hey Baby" it's the ultimate rockabilly swagger. About a quarter of the greatest rockabilly records ever made are guys tellin' the world  how cool they are. The other song that stopped me dead in my tracks was Percy Mayfield's "The Voice Within" (Specialty). Talk about forlorn.
It lead me back to Percy Mayfield's original version of "Stranger In My Own Hometown" (which Elvis cut in a killer version w/Eddie Hinton on electric sitar back in '68). I've lived in New York City for 31 years and lately I don't recognize the place. Or the people. Are these badly dressed squares (so, but there's no other word for 'em) really New Yorkers? Smock tops have made even girl watching painful here this summer. That's all I have to say today.

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Let's Hear It For The Orchestra

Let's Hear It For The Orchestra
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