Monday, August 11, 2008

The Hound On Rex's Fool's Paradsie

So I finally went back to WFMU to visit. Actually, I pre-taped my interview w/Rex Doane at the new WNYC studio (a two minute bike ride from my house), and Rex ran it last Saturday, Aug. 9th @ 2 PM. You can hear it from the WFMU Archives here: It was fun, in addition to the interview Rex ran some old clips of me and Hank Ballard (Hank audibly snorting coke into the mike), and Nick Tosches, as well as some old theme sets including the beloved Poultry Section of the show. Also appearing that day was Danny Fields who was hilarious. Rex told me that Dave the Spazz had gotten a death threat about Danny via e-mail b Terry who interviewed Danny didn't seem to know anything about it. I also caught the Stooges Friday night, they played a very loose and sloppy set (on rented gear, the stuff was stolen in Montreal last Wed.). They were still great, they even did a few James Williamson era tunes: Search & Destroy and I Got A Right. I never thought I'd hear Ron Asheton play those tunes but I guess they were in the Stooges set back in '71 when Ron and Williamson were sharing lead guitar duties. Even on an off night, the Stooges are the best rock'n'roll band out there and they always give it their all. God Bless the Stooges! I added Eric Asimov's 1991 NY Times Arts section profile on yours truly to the site. I hope to be able to add some tunes for you all soon as I figure out how to post 'em. In the meantime you can download single tunes, sets, or whole shows from It's even cross referenced by artists, there's also around a dozen podcasts complete with recently added commentary from me. Rex kept referring to my appearence as "The Hound Rides Again" but under what circumstance would a Hound ride? Unless you put your dog in the bed of your pickup truck. Maybe he should've called it the Hound Woofs Again.


Andy said...

Really enjoyed hearing you on Fool's Paradise. Cool that you have started the blog - I will love to hear you do a podcast!


Anonymous said...

Twas a great show. Telll Rexy I still needs me my FP stickers!

- Boppin_Brian

Let's Hear It For The Orchestra

Let's Hear It For The Orchestra
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