Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gillian's Found Photo #12

The Fang's outdone herself this week. Check out these hepsters. The photo is dated 1968 which makes the haircuts ten times cooler, and they were already pretty fucking cool. The guy on the right has some amazing shoes, he really needs some pinstriped socks to go with 'em.
The rest of the writing on the back of the photo seems to be in some Asian language, my guess is these guys are Indonesian or Filipino, surf music was huge in the south Pacific. If you want to see the greatest Indonesian band ever see the Nov. 19th, 2008 posting on the Tielman Brothers. Then again this could be Mexico, or anyplace south of the border. The writing could be some sort of Aztec or Mayan hieroglyphics. There were some amazing Mexican surf and garage bands-- Los Locos Del Ritmo being the best that I've heard. Here's their version of Pedro Pistolas (Peter Gunn), played in Spanish. Getting back to these rockin' greaseballs, they seem to be standing outside a village, and I bet those guitars came from a factory somewhere nearby, they look brand new. They must have fallen off a donkey.
BTW: Check out Miriam Linna's (A-Bones/Norton Records/Kicks & Bad Seed mag) new blog: Kicksville 66.  First entry is her amazing memoirs of her first year in New York City as the original drummer in the Cramps.


Thomas Ferraro said...

Love these found photos, keep them coming. We miss miss miss the Hillbilly Hangover up here in Jersey.

FYI: those Tielman Brothers videos have been taken down from YouTube. Anyone have updated links?

The Hound said...

try Indo-Intro Rock @:

Smokey LaBeef said...

The infusion of early American Rock 'n' Roll with South East Asian sounds left some amazing music. The Sublime Frequencies label has some excellent compilations if anyones interested.

Some of the Mexican stuff is great too. The Blue Demon's comp is one of my favourites.

J.D. King said...

Cool guitars!

I wonder if any gearheads can ID the make / model? They look Jap to me. If not Teisco, then something else Jap.

I'd wax more, but I'm gonna hightail it Mimsie's blog!

Hound, I've pestered you to blog about your first week/year in NYC!

Anonymous said...

The red guitar on the right is a Hofner from Germany. I'm not sure about the other one, but I'd bet actual cash money that it was Italian. There were several Italian manufacturers of solid body electric guitars, back in the 60's. I know a bit about this stuff.

roscoe said...

I was thinking the blue one was Italian also but I've been watching the Giro on TV for the last week or so

Devil Dick said...

love the pics, keep 'em coming!

ever check this joint out?

The Hound said...

my favorite is this one:

Devil Dick said...

nice, thanks!

i have a box full of found pics too being the flea market garbage picker i am. I posted one a way back in December 07 on my other shitty blog here:

i should scan more and post them.

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