Friday, September 11, 2009

Show Folks....

I'm still putting my files back together after a major computer crash but I should be back to the subject of music early next week. Here are some of my favorite showbiz images. The top photo is of course by August Sander (1876-1964) one of the greatest photographers in history. The middle shot shows Lobster King Harry Hackney (center, rear) and his Lobster Waitresses in Atlantic City, on the boardwalk, not sure of the year. The bottom is the irrepressible Gypsy Rose Lee and her daughters circa 1950 (photo by Ralph Steiner). Her autobiography Gypsy (1957) is a pretty good read, the movie which is based on the musical of the same name is pretty lame. She was quite the art collector and her L.A. home supposedly had original works by Picasso, Juan Miro, Max Ernst, et al.

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Timmy said...

Great photos from an era of yester

Let's Hear It For The Orchestra

Let's Hear It For The Orchestra
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