Wednesday, August 4, 2010

? & the Mysterians 2

? and the Mysterians post gig show @ the Great Jones Cafe last Saturday.
With Ronnie Spector at Lincoln Center last Saturday.
While I work on the next post (got really behind on things and have three half finished posts),
here's an addendum to last weeks' ? & the Mysterians post, taken at the Great Jones Cafe
where the Mysterians played a good hour without ?, then ? came up and did a few numbers.
Despite idiotic reviews in the Voice (there's still a Village Voice?) and NY Times (there's still a NY Times?), it was a great show, congrats to Dr. Ike, who always delivers the goods.


avidmartinet said...

the comments section from that voice article is great. basically an unanimous 'you suck'.

Richie1250 said...

Awwww, that is so cool! Probably the two highlights of my trip to America a few years ago were seeing ? & The Mysterians at the stomp (probably the the best rock n roll show i ever saw) ans stumbling into The Great Jones Cafe and finding they had both sweet potato fries and Bad Girl by Lee Moses on the jukebox. The idea of the two combined makes me feel warm and drooly from all the way over here in australia... I wish ? could make it over here, noone seems to really believe me about how good they were, they just think i musta been on drugs or something

StephenX said...

Nah, you weren't on drugs (?)

They were a seminal band to my hippie band in '66. I never thought they got the reco that they deserved.
I can't believe he hasn't aged a bit.
And Veronica (heartbeat/heathen sweat and 14 y.o. fantasy babe 4 ever).
Nice going JM

Will Divide said...

There's still a Great Jones?

Let's Hear It For The Orchestra

Let's Hear It For The Orchestra
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