Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gillian's Found Photo #55

Recent posting have covered murderers, drag queens, pimps, dope dealers, and guitar players who hung from the rafters by their feet. I don't think this guy was/did any of the above. The photo, was taken at a Teenage Hop, in Miami, Florida, 1963, and the gals seem to dig this Tom Hanks lookin' little greaseball. I wonder who he is? I know who he isn't. He is not Buck Trail, Tommy Spurlin, Ray Pate or Allen Page,  all known rockers who worked South Florida in the late 50's and left great 45's behind to prove it.
Perhaps it's a local DJ who is presenting the Record Hop, that's how many dj's supplemented their  meager salaries back then (along with payola which had been outlawed by a congressional addition to the Federal Communications Act back in 1960).
 The photo is dated September, '63, so if he's not a dj, I think because of his rather straight appearance perhaps this guy (if he's a singer plugging his new disc, he is lip syncing, since there's no microphone to be seen), might have been more of a balladeer than a rocker. I bet he had a few "wop" songs in his repetoire. Maybe some Jimmy Roselli tunes? Can anyone out their identify this guy?


Jerry Lee said...

Well, let's see... it's either Dickhead Clark, Tony LaDouche, or Hambone Legbone.

Jerry Lee said...

Could be Vinnie Boombatz, Mario Stinkfinger, Joey Bagadonuts, or Broccoli Rob Rigatoni.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Lee, Dumbass stuff like the above, is why Elvis was the big deal, and not you!!

Jerry Lee said...

Only a man with no testicles would insult someone anonymously. You must be one o' them Talibans, hiding in a cave.

BTW, "dumb ass" is two words, and can be hyphenated, but not capitalized, when used as an adjective. You would have know that if you hadn't been home schooled by your mama. Tell her The Killer says "hi".

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lewis,
Some folks call your cousin Elvis, The King, but you're a King, too. Didn't Huey Long (or Broderick Crawford) say, "Every man's a king"?....Anyways, those names aren't funny or clever. Maybe Mr Daniels or Mr Beam were visiting you and they seemed pretty funny, at that party. I didn't call you a dumbass (That's how I spell, it!), just those comments. Similarly, you don't play piano like Liberace did. You do it they way you do it, and it's a wonderful way that you do!! I've heard how you do it, and I'd listen to you do it again. Thank you!
As long as you're here....
The big media folks have not always been kind to you. What happened to you in Europe, simply was wrong. Instead of wishing newlyweds Jerry Lee and Myra well and supporting the institution of wedded harmony, they attacked you guys and the American way. You know, the Russians were behind that kind of thing. When the USSR collapsed, KGB papers were discovered that indicated they were behind Bill Haley's problems, as well. So much for the decadent West. In that vein, Little Richard is making children's videos for Disney now. If he can work for that anti American entity, maybe you and Mr Berry, who is so glad to be living in the USA, and whose teenaged wedded couple was wished well, could hammer out an iron clad contract with numerous specifics and do an album together, with children's somgs and America friendly material, as well. Mr Berry did his best work with a strong piano player, and that certainly describes you!! I can just imagine the magnificence of, "Itsy Bitsy Spyder", "These Old Men", and what might give you special glee, "LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN!!!". If you guys would take that on tour, I'd go see it (if Mr Berry agreed to keep his guitar in tune, this time). I know the bridge is here in Arizona now, but it's the thought that counts. Actually, you've been a bigger than life, tough, enduring, American icon, and I hope you start to get the respect you deserve, in these anti American times. John Wayne wasn't the only AMERICAN MAN.

Mom says, "Hi, I wish you had been home more, to help my raise little Anonymous properly, but I still love you and miss you."

Best wishes,

P.S. Who did you kill?

Jerry Lee said...

Goodness gracious, that's some impressive testifying right there, boy! But I would be remiss if I failed to advise you to stay away from the wine spo-dee-o-dee before blogging.

Being an honest man, I have to admit that it was I who killed your sense of humor.

Tell your mama her lover boy Jerry Lee never forgets a big leg woman, and she should keep her dresses down.

Just on more thing, son- The Killer don't flame war.

Anonymous said...

Hey King Jerry Lee,
.....never meant to squabble or have war with you...just banter..

...In any event, thanks for being. "You done good"

I'm done here!

Mellow said...

The only doo-wop singer I know from Miami was Jimmy Gale. He recorded with the Imperials in 1957 for Art, but I think he wasn't active in Florida at all, just recorded there. Also, he the guy doesn't look like him!

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