Monday, April 20, 2009

Gillian's Found Photo #9

Another week, another 'what the fuck?' found photo courtesy of the Fang. This one is from February of 1970. What are we looking at? A cheap hotel room, a young, comatose girl in a mini-dress passed out on a double bed, her black cocktail dress on hanger next to her, and a man with a decidedly satanic vibe attempting to read her heart beat with what might be transistor radio ear phones.  Their wedding rings seem to match. He looks like a member of the Process Church Of The Final Judgement. The door is open. For further background, I remember that Venus by the Shocking Blue was the #1 record for most of that month. With all this in mind can somebody tell me what they think is going on in this photo?


J.D. King said...

Maybe that's Mariska Veres on the bed after hearing her song went to #1?

Or, maybe the couple posed for this, planning to toss the snapshot aside someday just to leave people in the future scratching their heads?

I dunno, but it's a good one!

Donna Lethal said...

Note they both are wearing shiny (new?) wedding rings. Maybe she realized what lie ahead, and couldn't take it. But then again, who is taking the pic, and why are they along for the ride?

Anonymous said...

They obviously took the photo as a goof. Everything about the pic seems too unlikely to take seriously.

Rob Hudak said...

I think that device turns people into coat hangers, as the the victim in the black shirt next to her on the bed would tell you were they not already turned into a coat hanger.

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