Thursday, July 16, 2009

Small Faces

Nothing to say this week, been sick and don't really feel like writing, but since I've been reading Simon Spence's Immediate (Black Dog Publishing), an excellent look at Andrew Oldham's UK label, I started looking at these Small Faces clips that I'd book marked over a year ago. Some excellent footage of a great band that here in America were basically a one hit wonder (Itchycoo Park). I don't think they ever toured here, and certainly were rare to see on TV. The top clip is lip sychned but nice to see in color and with the added presence of ex-Ikette P.P. Arnold (First Cut Is The Deepest). The German Beat Club clips are killer, even though I've never liked Sha-La-La-La-Lee much (neither did they, Steve Marriot refused to sing it live after 1966). I like how their instruments look so huge (because they were so tiny). Tiny or not, they packed a punch. I recommend you find the BBC sessions (look here and notice the pw for unstuffing is mud) which make a great addition to their studio sides which I assume everyone has already.


J.D. King said...

They were the greatest!

DefChef said...

Great band, great link, great clips...this would be a win all the way around except for the fact that yr sicked-out and yr missing the first good weather of summer!

boogiewoody said...

Get well soon Hound

The Small Faces were the dog's bollocks (translation = peachy keen.

I've always had a soft spot for Sha La La Lee. Lazy Sunday was another favourite when I was a kid. A terrific group, fantastic vids. Many thanks.

Bob Pomeroy said...

BBC Sessions is ace, esp their version of that Alvin Robinson tune "Baby Don't Do It." Get well soon Hound!

The Hound said...

" Lazy Sunday was another favourite when I was a kid."

I'm always amazed they got away with the line "the neighbors can fuck off" on that one.....that is what he's saying, isn't it?

boogiewoody said...

#They stop me from groovin'
They bang on me wall (at this point there's a shout that sounds like "fuck off neighbours")
They're doin' me crust in, it's no good at all#

Otherwise I don't hear a line like "the neighbours can fuck off." Steve Marriott belts it out in pure cockney.

#Cor blimey, Mrs Jones, how's your Bert's lumbago?

- Mustn't grumble!#

The real life neighbour who objected to the Small Faces' boisterous life style was ... Cilla Black.

Poor Stevie Marriott, died in a house fire. Ronnie Lane died of multiple sclerosis, and perhaps didn't receive all the treatment he needed because a shit management deal robbed the group of much of their royalties, although Kenny Jones and Ian McLagan as well as other musicians did what they could.

Cockney wide boys. Bloody brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Until recently I knew the Small Faces only through (a) "Itchycoo Park" and (b) their status as precursor to the Faces, but then I picked up a compilation of their Decca stuff, and HOLY SHIT! could those guys rock. Especially on their first LP -- they were like a perfect cross between the early Who and Booker T. & the MGs, plus glimmerings of punk a decade before the fact. Have you seen this clip, from a 1966 Marquee Club gig? Brilliant, and makes me just ache for more.

Anonymous said...

Love that "Tin Soldier". Something about it, that's very fresh and not dated sounding.

grphxman1 said...
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grphxman1 said...
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grphxman1 said...

First, disregard my momentary early onset of senility above. Second, I fall into the same category as Anonymous above...I have no memory of "Lazy Sunday", but what else is new. My knowledge of the Small Faces consisted of "Itchycoo Park", "Tin Soldier", and Steve Marriot. Thanks again Hound, for another enlightening post. Get well, soon Hman. said...

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