Friday, March 18, 2011

Please Kill Me In Paris

The Ig, Raw Power tour '73.

James Williamson, 1974.

At home with Ron Asheton, 1995.
The Velvet Underground & Nico.
The Primitives, Lou Reed 2nd from Left, John Cale far right. 1965.

Back from many weeks wandering the desert, I'll be posting some new entries in the next few weeks but tomorrow we're off to Paris to catch the last performances of the theatrical adaptation of Please Kill Me, adapted from the book by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, the latter oddly enough being my wife.
It was adapted by Mathiea Bauer and I hope to improve my non-existent French skills by sitting through it. If anyone's going to be in Paris next week let me know, I'm easy enough to find.
Back to blogging soon, thanks for your patience and sorry if I haven't returned any e-mails, phone calls and text messages. 


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip. Will there be a (North) American mounting? Looking forward to your reports of ..., and lots of found photos.

Cliff Lee said...

Outstanding book, Hound, thank Legs and Gillian for me.

And say "hi" to Pepe LePew, if you should see him.

The Cliffster

Unknown said...

This is an awesome blog. Take your time and many happy returns.

Gone nutty said...


JD King said...

"Theatrical adaptation" of PKM?!?

Can't imagine.


hey hound, i said long time ago last year that i would send ya a link to david allan coe doin some nasty songs in london 1983, thar she blows!!!!

keep on keepin on big'un said...

Very useful material, thank you for the article.

viagra online pharmacy said...

I was in like 2 concerts in the Tour 73', and it was awesome!! I had one of my best times in my whole life!!

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