Monday, March 28, 2011

Screamin' Lord Sutch II

Screamin' Lord Sutch & his Savages- French TV courtesy of Bedazzled!

More Lord Sutch.

Not  my caption.

I guess it was two years ago that I wrote about the late Screamin' Lord Sutch on this blog, but Spike
over at Bedazzled has just posted an amazing vintage clip from French TV (another one of my
obsessions, I love French TV,  I spent the last week in Paris in utter astonishment watching a show called Viiip Carre) and with not much to say but way overdue for a blog entry, I refer you to the above clip and over to Spike at Bedazzled for more goodies.


MikeP said...

Plenty of leaping about, but zero talent. I'd forgotten how rubbish he was. Band wasn't up to much either. French would scream at anything in those days....

The Hound said...

"zero talent"

What's that got to do with R&R?

MikeP said...

Well, would you rather listen to Eddie Cochran or Gene Vincent, or to bring it closer to home Johnny Kidd or Vince Taylor, or Screaming Lord Sutch?

Travis T. said...

well for my money that bizarre scream/gurgle/vomit noise that Sutch makes at the end of "All Black And Hairy" is some fine entertainment. And that's got everything to do with R&R!

Travis T. said...

sometimes an act comes along that is so stupid and enthusiastic that the idiotic intensity level comes out the other end of the universe and you have pure rock and roll. Tim "God Hilliard" Carey onstage fronting an inept Mexican R&R band in "World's Greatest Sinner" is a prime example of this phenomena. Zilch talent, total entertainment. Sadly a rare combination these days.

Jerry Lee said...

I'm gonna have to open an extra large can of whupass on this bloody poofter.

Anonymous said...

i thought i'd hit on a Ernie Uszniewicz tape! FANG-TASTIC!!

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