Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gillian's Found Photo #22

It's July '57 and according to the scribble on the back of this photo it's Elvis Presley night at the Variety Show at Kingsway, so says David, whoever that is. Can anyone identify the hot boppin' hepcat in the white bucks? Did he cut any records? There's something familiar looking about this guy. The piano player seems lost, is he about to sit down and start playing? Can the audience hear the unamplified guitars? Who knows, but the Fang surely came up with a good photo this week, no?


Devil Dick said...

yeah this is a good un... the piano man seems to be staring and evlis jr's backside.... mmm mmm good.

**** said...

This is awesome.

These kids look young enough to still be in school, though that certainly wouldn't preclude [him] from becoming a star.

I wonder how many Elbus wannbes took the stage that night, or how many thousands of times this scene un-folded in high school gyms across the land during this time.

Thanks for this.

roscoe said...

That guy clearly got the memo!

Bob Pomeroy said...

Eddie Munster side project?

Mellow said...

It first I thought this is Hayden Thompson, but now I'm not sure anymore. Would also like to know who this is and if I'm right.


hotrodmike said...

He looks a bit like Johnny Carroll.The "Rock It Baby Rock it" kat.

Dave Swinger said...

First gut feeling - Johnny Carroll

The Hound said...

: Johnny Carroll:

it does look like Johnny Carroll don't it?

Savaric said...

He looks like Nick Cave, don't you think?

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Let's Hear It For The Orchestra
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