Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gillian's Found Photo #23

This week the Fang comes up with a photo from a collection of Polaroids taken at Stevensville Prison, which I think is in Maryland. Polaroids are popular in prisons, getting a good photo of yourself with a big time shot caller can be just the thing to let others know just who they're dealing with. These two? Just some righteous, meth tweakin', scooter ridin', bad ass white folk, doin' their time. Either that or Three Dog Night got themselves locked up. Outlaw pride indeed!


J.D. King said...

Which one's the hubby?

(Now I'll probably have some humorless homophobic meth-dealing biker gang tracking me down to slit my throat after beating the shit out of my with chains and tire irons. If my bloody carcass is found, trace the culprits to these guys.)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to crack your skull J.D.
Watch yer back .

Mr Z Prezident Demons M.C.

Anonymous said...

The dude on the left reminds me of Leon Russell circa 1971.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you ran with these guys Jimbo, didn't you? After all isn't that how you built your little junkie empire?

Mr. Maha haha wanna

Anonymous said...

if they exchange clothes,glasses, the one in prison can just walk out. Who'd even know.

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